Track Premiere "No Paths" via Noisey




Photo by Kentaro Takahashi

A Dead Forest Index is an experimental indie band from London by way of New Zealand, that makes the most resonant sound out of the most minimal instrumentation. Their upcoming debut record, In All That Drifts from Summit Down, pushes what one would normally expect out of indie rock. Their music forgoes the modern focus on overly poppy hooks, in favor of creating something with only guitar, light percussion, and vocals to produce an emotional reaction. “No Paths” is a song that’s constantly pushing forward, brushing of sadness and into a sense of understanding. Vocals are lush and warm, pulsing emotion and heart around the guitars to build something beautiful and resonant.

Listen to “No Paths” below, and pick up In All That Drifts From Summit Down from Sargent House April 29.